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VRBO-Banff Vacation Rentals By Owner
VRBO - Vacation Rentals By Owner - Banff

Was started by vacation rental owners who decided to manage their own vacation properties in 1995.

They've been doing this for over 15 years. You can search 160,000 plus rentals world wide.

What's great about renting your own vacation rental is that, it's going to be better value, with lots more space and privacy.

When planning to vacation to Banff and the Canadian Rockies check out this website  VRBO - Vacation Rentals By Owner.

There are numerous listings in Banff ranging from a luxury mountain retreat offering 5 bedrooms, to a quaint rustic cabin to a guest studio. You're renting directly from the owner of the property so there are no commissions to be paid. You could be saving yourself some serious cash! If you rent a full house, it should be cheaper and a more flexible option than most hotels!

Vacation Rentals By Owner could be the perfect solution when traveling to Banff. Maybe you're thinking of traveling with another family so the kids have their friends to hang out with. A vacation rental could save your sanity, after all it's your vacation too!!

For large family groups, vacation rentals by owner can be a great alternative. Imagine trying to squeeze into a couple of hotel rooms or sending your kids to an adjoining room. It's really hard to know what they're up to!!! No fighting over the shower in the morning? It's easy with a good kitchen, give the kids some of their favorites meals while traveling.... mac & cheese or special snacks.

Do you have special dietary needs? Maybe you're just an early riser who's looking for that first cup of coffee and can't find anything open!! Head to the kitchen of your vacation rental to make that first cup of coffee of the day!

Or maybe you and another couple want a chance to relax in a cozy vacation rental with a kitchen. Cook a good breakfast before you head out to the mountains for a day of golfing or skiing. Maybe you've had a great day on the slopes and just want to put your feet up and throw a steak on the barbeque, VRBO could be a good choice.

At the vacation rental by owner website there are lots of pet friendly vacation rentals that accept cats and dogs!! They show a paw icon on the initial listing so you can easily identify these pet friendly properties.

So you'll need to stock the fridge, Banff has a great grocery store. Canada Safeway has everything you'll need for your vacation. The Banff Wine Store and Liquor World offer a fabulous selection of beers and wine. All amenities are within walking distance. There are a couple of gas stations right in town, check out Shell and PetroCanada.

Some things to consider when choosing VRBO....

A great perk of your vacation rental by owner is.... you get to live like a local—buying groceries, cooking in your kitchen, getting to know your way around Banff. Plus, most hotels at the same price per night are typically less "comfortable."

Many of the properties will require full payment ahead of your stay and there's a good chance you won't be able to use a credit card. Get a receipt for your payment and if possible ask for a contract. Check out the refund policy as well so there's no surprises!

You should ask the owner if they have someone locally you can call just in case you need help with any issues.

Check on the layout of the property for the safety of children (stairs, etc.)or if someone may have mobility issues.

Because you're renting from the owner you can always ask about the security of the vacation home and the safety of the neighborhood or if they have a favorite pub or restaurant?

If you're an internet junkie you can ask the owner if they have wifi or an internet cafe or library close by. Banff does have both!

This may not be the right choice for vacationers who want to be spoiled. Remember no waiters taking your food and drink order. Maid service may only be once or twice a week. And you can't call reception and have them book a massage for you later in the day!!!

This VRBO site is updated every hour so the selection is always changing!!

What a great way to experience Banff and the Canadian Rockies.

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