Picnic Ideas
Tips for a Fabulous Picnic
in Beautiful Banff
Make it Memorable!!!!

Picnic Ideas

Need some great Picnic Ideas? Picnics have always been a great outdoor tradition.

Imagine a blanket set out by a waterfall around Banff...how beautiful is that.

You can share and create memories that will last a life time, over a delicious meal. Here are some great picnic ideas to help you plan the best one yet...

Keep it simple.

Picnics are for relaxing and reducing some of the stress in our lives - don't pack meals that require a lot of setup and preparation. Consider getting together some finger foods - they're quick, easy, convenient, and provide a broad range of choices for your picnic companions.

Instead of packing pre-made sandwiches, put together a 'deli bar' with assorted meats, cheeses, rolls, and condiments so bread won't go soggy before you even get a chance to eat. Pasta salads and other dishes dressed in vinegar-based marinades can be prepared the day before. They hold up well in the heat, and the flavor just gets better over time. Some great picnic food ideas....

Stay Organized

Create a 'menu list' of items to pack. Keep it on your fridge. Check off each item as you pack it to ensure that you're not forgetting anything. Pack the foods to be eaten last at the bottom of the cooler or basket. This way you won't have to unpack everything once you're ready to eat. Lists always help... being organized keeps the stress level in check and makes for fun picnic experience!

Be Prepared

Here's a list of items that you may want to have on hand for a picnic. These things are great picnic ides that can help make your it a more carefree, relaxing experience:

A fully loaded picnic basket, backpack, or cooler pack for carrying all food and picnic necessities. Pre-packed, or 'fitted', picnic sets usually come with all sorts of convenient amenities such as plates, utensils, glasses, napkins, and insulated food compartments. Some even come with great extras such as salt & pepper shakers, corkscrews, cheese knives & cutting boards, insulated coffee mugs and thermoses! One of the best picnic ideas....it's little details like these that will make an unforgettable impression.

A quality picnic blanket can make all the difference in your comfort. They provide a surface to sit on and warm you up on chilly days. It will protect you and your food from ants and other insects. A lot of them have a waterproof backing to make things just a little more comfortable especially when there's dew on the grass....another one of those great picnic ideas....

Ice or frozen blue 'cold packs' to keep your food & beverages at just the right temperature
Paper towels and/or moist towelettes
Plastic bag and plastic wrap for any leftovers that are not packed in their own container
A plastic bag for trash
Condiments: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, sugar, etc.
Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and other sun protection
Insect repellant
Basic first-aid kit
A camera, so you can capture the memories of this perfect picnic!

Picnic Ideas
Planning a Romantic Picnic

Are you trying to come up with the perfect plan to sweep your loved one off their feet?

Having a romantic picnic under the stars can be a wonderful way to bond with your significant other, if you plan it right.

Some great picnic ideas for planning a romantic picnic for two is easy if you think ahead - be prepared with these tips.

A good picnic would not be complete without a quality picnic basket, and to impress your date, look for excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A Wine and Cheese Basket is a great solution for picnic dates - they often come complete with wine glasses, cheese boards & knives, corkscrews and cloth napkins. Little details like these add a touch of sophistication, and will give the impression that you have spent a lot of time and effort planning this special picnic. You'll also want to have a pair of picnic chairs, or a good waterproof picnic blanket to sit on. Some good picnic ideas here.

Finding a great spot is easy if you think creatively. Banff's stunning natural scenery is nearby but it's raining - you can still have a romantic evening even in your hotel room. On those rainy days, lay a blanket out on your hotel room floor or on a covered balcony and arrange some candles to get that romantic feel. Remember that those little details are the finishing touch that will make the evening special - bring a rose, and a mix of your favorite love songs to play quietly in the background as you enjoy each other.

Plan a delicious meal that will be easy to transport and clean up after. For a romantic evening you may want to try for a more elegant meal. A simple platter with a variety of cheese and fruit is visually stunning as well as delicious. Take a cue from the French, and bring along a fresh baked baguette with some brie and grapes. Put this on your list of great picnic ideas...just like in the movies!!!

Create a Mediterranean feast with tomato & basil bruschetta, tortellini salad and calamata olive spread with crackers or pita. If you're pressed for time or aren't a great cook, drop by your local grocery store and pick up a loaf of French bread, some cheese, a rotisserie chicken and a bottle of white wine. More picnic food ideas. You could even call your favorite restaurant or maybe room
service could put something together for you......

Choose something that will have minimal last-minute preparation and clean up. You want to focus on having your sumptuous meal and sipping your glass of wine or champagne while enjoying each others' company. Along with food and beverages.

The most romantic element of a picnic is often the element of surprise! Show up at your loved one's door with a single rose. You could pack your basket and place it at your chosen location before picking up your date. Surprise them letting them find the basket. Leave a beautiful invitation for special evening together in their suitcase or under the pillow. Don't tell them what's in store.

Spontaneity is key for your romantic picnic. Remember this...it's one of the best picnic ideas. This picnic could be part of a master plan....for a Romantic Weekend Getaway. Take a look.....

Picnic Ideas Picnic Ideas on the Road

Don't rely on fast food to satisfy your hunger - bring healthy meals along on your travels, in a picnic backpack or cooler!

We all know that fast food is unhealthy - it's loaded with fat and empty calories, if we eat it too often, our health will suffer.

When you're on the road, you may think that you have little choice; nibbling on crackers or peanut butter sandwiches just doesn't seem like a satisfying meal. The drive-through offers convenience at a low price, and more often than not, we give in to immediate gratification for our rumbling stomachs rather than make a healthier choice.

Don't give up on making wise meal choices while on a road trip. There's an easy way to keep your hunger satisfied while you're on the road, without breaking the bank or harming your health. Prepare healthy meals ahead of time, and bring them along with you in a cooler.

It's an item you will use again and again for many other purposes - you'll end up bringing it along to the beach, the park, sporting events, and many other places. The ideal cooler will stay cool with an cold pack rather than requiring ice. Getting yourself a portable beverage container is also a good idea - a vacuum flash thermos can carry hot or cold liquids such as coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, and soup.

Some good picnic ideas for food that travels well include fresh fruit and vegetables, vinegar-based pasta salad, sliced deli meats and bread, cheese, and individual packets of condiments. You could even pack some of last night's leftover casserole into a reusable plastic container, and plan on eating it cold. More great picnic food ideas.

Choosing snacks that pack a lot of protein will keep you feeling satisfied longer than sugary, processed treats. Don't wait to eat until you're starving - you'll have a tendency to crave fatty foods loaded with carbs, they will leave you feeling lethargic after you eat. Not a good idea while on the road!!!!

Taking a short break is important - it will help clear your mind and relax your body. You can focus better when you get back on the road. This is the perfect opportunity to stop at a rest area, park, or even on the side of the road to enjoy your meal. Don't eat while driving - it's really not good for your digestion! It can put you and others in danger.

Keep a picnic blanket in the car so you can get out and stretch, and enjoy a real picnic meal wherever you are. Make it a fun experience....you can enjoy some great mountain scenery on the way!!!

Picnic Ideas
Kid Friendly Picnic Ideas

Kids always love going on picnics. It's the novelty of having a meal outdoors in a new place. They get to run around and play games while Mom & Dad sit by and observe. Picnics are a great way to bond with the family. They're inexpensive, fun and good exercise for kids. Get them away from all that electronic stuff.

Take an afternoon out of your busy life of carpooling, doing homework and chores. Relieve some stress and have a great time. These memories you create will last a lifetime for your kids, and could become a treasured family tradition!!! I think traditions are so important....

Don't stress out over the preparation. Keep the food simple & easy. The most effortless solution for picnic food is to stop by a place like a grocery store or KFC and get some family-sized buckets and sides to go - just pack them in your picnic cooler and head off to your destination!

Alternately, you could make some simple dishes like macaroni and cheese. Treats such as brownies can get the kids involved in the whole process! They'll love helping out. Other great kid-friendly food ideas include hot dogs, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, rice krispie treats, juice boxes, fruit and trail mix.

Bring along some toys and games to keep kids occupied. Stop by the dollar store where you can usually find kites, Frisbees, beach balls, ping pong rackets, bubbles and more. If it something new it will keep them occupied while you get things organized....

You could also bring along butterfly nets, binoculars for nature observation, bug jars, and jump ropes. Have a scavenger hunt with some prizes hidden in the bushes & grass. Or, you could just have your picnic at a playground - built-in entertainment! Just remember to sit back, relax, and enjoy the kids.

Fall Picnic Ideas and Activities for Kids

Encourage your kids to appreciate fall. Get them out in the fresh air and let them get some exercise - There are a lot of great activities that your kids will have a blast participating in, that don't cost any money and will get them thinking creatively. There are some great little hikes around the townsite of Banff that could fit the bill.

Prepare a fun picnic lunch of sandwiches cut in the shape of leaves or pumpkins, along with apple slices dipped in peanut butter or ants on a log (celery sticks spread with peanut butter, with raisins in a row on top).

Have a scavenger hunt in the leaves. Hide a few objects (toys, candy, etc.) in piles of leaves. Let them play around in the leaves and try to find them with their hands.

Stuff a scarecrow. This perennial symbol of autumn is easy to construct and super fun for the little ones! Find an old shirt and overalls and stuff them with leaves, newspaper, hay, or whatever you have on hand that's convenient for you. Top it off with a pumpkin head and, if you like, a hat! You could even carve or draw a face on the pumpkin.

Create some lovely autumn decorations by making leaf rubbings. Bring out some drawing or construction paper and a box of crayons. Have the kids place a leaf under the paper and rub on top of it with a crayon to make the shape of the leaf.

They can think up other things that remind them of fall. Then draw them on the paper. Before you know it, you'll have some great new drawings to show off on the refrigerator. They could also turn leaves into little ornaments with some string and pine cones or acorns.

These are some of the best picnic ideas for an ideal day with the kids or maybe the grand kids.

Picnic Ideas
Picnic Ideas in Autumn

Picnics aren't just for summertime!

As summer comes to an end we tend to want to spend a lot more time outdoors before the cold of winter arrives.

Sitting outside drinking some warm apple cider is a great way to enjoy the autumn air, and a great picnic idea... an elegant meal under the colorful trees.

Plan a fall picnic for you and your loved ones today and truly enjoy this wonderful season. Another one of those great picnic ideas....right!!!

Take pleasure in the fruits of the fall harvest. Plan a meal around succulent fall staples such as apples, pomegranates, acorn squash or pumpkin. You could fill a thermos with some hot chili or soup to warm you up after walking around in the cool autumn air, and pair it with crusty rolls or cornbread. Oatmeal raisin cookies and fresh apple tarts can finish off a perfect al fresco meal. Great great picnic food ideas.

Plan some activities that make the most of the season. You could take a scenic hike around Banff admiring the beautiful changing colors. And they are beautiful... enjoy some mountain scenery along the way.

Hiking & Picnic Ideas in the Fall

For many people, fall is the most rewarding time of the year to spend outdoors. What better way to see all the beauty of the changing landscape than to go on a hike, and enjoy it from a hilltop or mountain side? Picnic ideas galore!!!

Why not be a little adventurous, get out and experience idyllic mountain scenery while hiking through the piles of brilliantly colored leaves. Hiking is a great hobby. It's becoming increasingly popular as we seek more tranquility from the hustle and bustle of our lives.

Most hikers prefer to be as unencumbered as possible, simply carrying a backpack and perhaps a camera. This means always bringing simple, nonperishable food items along for the trip. You may be satisfied with granola bars, apples and pretzel sticks on the hike. The cool air of fall can make you wish you had some comfort food on the trail... warm soup or chili...maybe a glass of warm mulled wine.... Something to look forward after a good day hiking.

Picnic Ideas
Winter Picnic Ideas

When the snow starts falling and you're looking for ideas to have a good time, a winter picnic may not seem like an obvious choice. Sure, it's cold out - but you can still have tons of fun!

The Banff Springs Hotel has an outdoor ice rink for all those winter activities that you and the kids love to do. Such as sledding, making snowmen, and ice skating can revolve around a wonderful outdoor picnic, with a picnic basket or backpack stuffed full of hot comforting foods and drinks. This is one of those great picnic ideas.

The kids love hot cocoa after a good snowball fight or many snow angels. Give them a candy cane to give it a stir. You could pack two thermoses - one full of a hot beverage, and one with some delicious soup or chili. Some good picnic food ideas. Spicy foods are especially great for winter picnics, because they really go the extra mile to warm you up. Dress warm!

Romantic Picnics are magical in the winter time. Snowflakes falling and the snow glistening everywhere. Another one of those perfect picnic ideas. Perhaps a hot cider or mulled wine can really set the mood. Have dinner over an open fire. Roast marshmallows, vegetable and meat kebabs, or put some rice and veggies into a pouch of aluminum foil and throw it into the fire. Make sure you have tongs as the food will be extremely hot. It will have that delicious fire-roasted flavor.

Plan your winter meal around a special winter activity, such as taking a horse-driven sleigh ride through a park, or going horseback riding.

These activities are all available in Banff....check with your hotel for more information. Be sure to have some folding picnic chairs or a waterproof picnic blanket to protect you from the cold, wet ground.

Not willing to brave the cold weather? Turn your hotel room into a summer vacation for the day! Lay out a picnic blanket, break out your picnic basket so it really feels like you're outside.

You could even create a little tent, or canopy, out of sheets or other fabric. Kids absolutely love this - have them dress in their summer clothes, sandals, and wear sunglasses. You could have them play indoor-appropriate summertime games. They'll forget it's even winter, and will beg you to do it again next year. Wow! another one of those great picnic ideas....

Turn your winter picnic idea into a romantic affair by lighting candles, opening a bottle of champagne and putting on some soft music. Your loved one will be surprised and delighted by your efforts. Some great picnic ideas!

Picnic Ideas
Fun & Creative Summer Picnic Ideas

Summer's almost over - only a month left, and many people feel that it unofficially ends with Labor Day weekend. Take advantage before this season ends... go on a fun, creative summer picnic in the great outdoors.

Enjoy a nighttime picnic with a map of the constellations, a comfy picnic blanket and some wine and cheese. Choose a good lookout point on one of Banff's many hikes. This informal yet impressive date makes an ideal setting for an ultra-romantic evening or maybe a wedding proposal!!!

Picnic Ideas
Helpful Picnic Tips

Before you set out for your picnic, ensure that you've got everything you need.

In addition to our list of essentials for a perfect picnic, here are a few tips to help make your picnic planning fast, fun, and easy:

Keep extra condiments from fast-food restaurants and drive-throughs in a drawer in your kitchen, just for use on picnics! It'll save a lot of room in your cooler or insulated food compartment.

Help your thermos keep food cold or hot longer: For hot food, place the thermos in boiling water just long enough to heat it up well, then fill it (carefully - be sure to let it cool down enough to the touch so it won't burn your skin). For coldcontents you could place it in the freezer, or in some ice before packing.

Recycle your plastic bags from the grocery store for use as garbage bags on picnics.

If you don't have cold packs or don't feel like stopping for ice, you could always just clean & sanitize some empty soda or water bottles, fill them up with water,and freeze them. They will definitely keep your food cold....

Antibacterial hand gel is always a great thing to have on hand, especially when having a picnic after a hike or other outdoor activity. Use the unscented variety so it won't affect the flavor of your food.

Make sure the location of your picnic is safe. Some sites look pretty and inviting, but have been declared 'off-limits' to picnickers and hikers in order to protect wildlife, vegetation, or due to safety hazards. Don't picnic in unauthorized areasor feed wildlife - check for any signs that may indicate whether the area is permissible for picnic use.

If you've got children with you, you'll want to bring along some toys, games, or plan activities to keep them occupied. Some good ideas are kites, Frisbees, beach balls, ping pong rackets, plastic horseshoes and bubbles. You could also bring along butterfly nets, bug jars, binoculars for nature observation, and jump ropes. You could also choose a picnic site according to whether it will be appropriate for kids - like a playground or park.

Always check the weather before heading out - you won't want to get caught in storm while in a remote area where it might be dangerous.

Enjoy all that Banff has to offer - plan something you've never done before...impress!!! There are plenty of picnic ideas...all you need is some imagination....

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