Fondue Restaurants - Banff
A Unique Eating Out Experience!!

Fondue Restaurant - Banff

Looking for Good Fondue Restaurants in Banff?

Wondering what the heck a fondue is? Wondering if you'll like it? This is your Canadian holiday in the a little. Give it a try.

I love to's a great evening out. You can eat all night long, enjoy the company of others and maybe solve a few world problems. Don't forget the wine!!!

This is one of my favorite things to do on a cold winter night or New Year's Eve. No better surroundings than the quaint town of Banff with mountain views in everywhere and lots of great choices in fondue restaurants.

From the French "fondre", which means to melt. There are a variety of different ways to enjoy a fondue.

It's a great way to cook your food right at your table. Small cubes of meat or seafood are skewered onto long individual forks. You dip them into a small pot of hot oil to cook. After the cooking and a little bit of cooling you dip cooked chunks in some scrumptious sauces to enhance the taste. Yummie...

Some of the Fondue Restaurants in Banff offer hot rock selections (cooking your food on stones)instead of the oil if your prefer.

A Cheese Fondue is a dish of warm, melted cheese flavored with wine. You dip bits of bread into the cheese sauce. You can also try vegetables harpooned on a long fork and dipped into a mixture of melted cheese. It's fabulous....mushrooms, peppers, cauliflower....use your imagination!

How about a chocolate fondue for dessert. Once again a small dish with melted Belgium or Swiss chocolate...dip fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple. Maybe you just want to check out the fondue restaurants in Banff for a decadent chocolate experience. Nice...

Fondue Restaurant - Grissly House
The Grizzly House is famous for their fondues. They do offer sizzling hot rock selections as well if you don't want to do the hot oil.

It's probably healthier for you. But remember're on holidays!!! The fondue restaurants here should be on your "to do list" while vacationing in Beautiful Banff.

Very Interesting History....The Grizzly House opened in 1967.

At the time it was Western Canada’s first disco and was known for its touring bands and go-go dancers. Remember that!

Initially all the food was delivered through a hole in the wall from a neighboring Chinese food restaurant.

A few months after the Grizzly House opened, the Chinese food restaurant closed. The Grizzly House had to find a new way to comply with the liquor laws that required food service in order to serve alcohol.

The Grizzly House staff brought in their own fondue pots- and a restaurant tradition began. The fondue concept was an immediate success and has, unlike the disco, withstood the test of time.

They offer some interesting options. There are 14 fondue selections. You can try beef, buffalo, chicken, rattlesnake, lobster, shark, cheese and chocolate. Or for something else unique like wild game or Alberta Beef.

It's a fun spot. They have working phones at every table. Like you might see in the movies. Because it was formally a disco night club and they kept the if you experience a catastrophic love at first sight...just give them a call.....

They play 70's music....very entertaining. Indulge yourself in their unique atmosphere. A great evening out!!! They're open for lunch as well.

They've just expanded....with windows in front in the newly opened "Den". They also have a small patio in front for people watching.... those many international visitors or Banff locals. Or maybe relax and enjoy great mountain views.

It's a great eating out experience while visiting our Beautiful Banff. One of those fondue restaurants with a twist!!!

Fondue Restaurant - Banff
Enjoy the Grapes Wine Bar in the Banff Springs Hotel. I know it's called a wine bar....but they have great fondues here.

This has always been my favorite romantic eating out experience.

Firstly, it's in the Banff Springs Hotel which is a destination in itself.

You can spend as much time as you like just walking the halls, looking at the architecture and checking out the mountain views.

This quaint, cozy room was originally established in 1926 as a writing room and a place for people to come and gather their thoughts, share experiences and communicate with family and friends.

Now, treat yourself to a unique fondue experience. Try the Cellar's Fondue or the Classic Fondue. Take that special someone to Grapes. Have a leisurely romantic fondue dinner for two, or maybe be just a fondue appetizer.

What a great place to propose! Looking for some romantic ideas?

Just remember they don't take reservations so a little planning maybe required.

Hours Of Operation:
Open daily from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Hours of operation are subject to change. Please check with the hotel Dining Reservations Department prior to arrival to ensure availability.
Dress Code:
Resort casual (ripped denim or exercise wear is not adequate)
Reservations are not accepted. Seating is on a first come first serve basis.

The menu contains locally sourced, organic, or sustainable items wherever possible thus creating fresh and nutritionally balanced ingredients. Perfect!!!

Fondue Restaurant - Ticino's
Ticino's - If you are looking for Banff’s best kept dining secret, you have found it!

Voted “Local’s choice for Fine Dining” in Banff’s Crag and Canyon. This is Banff's local newspaper. Delight in the fondue restaurants in town!

Ticino is locally owned and operated and has been a Banff institution since 1974. What is Swiss-Italian? Plus offering Fabulous Fondues!

When perusing the menu you might wonder what the name means - Swiss-Italian? What kind of combination a Swiss-Italian restaurant could be.

Ticino is the name of Switzerland's southern-most province, south of the Alps, bordering on Italy and where Italian is spoken.

Ticino duplicates dishes from this region. Corn, potatoes and chestnuts used to be basic food items. Meat was scarce but game, such as deer and mountain goat was always available.

Fish and shellfish were abundant. Grapes and wine products have influenced the regional cooking, as have a number of other fruits, even sub-tropical ones.

A variety of vegetables especially tomatoes, and year round herbs such as sage, rosemary and thyme are used effectively in many popular dishes.

Ticino's would like to remind you of what Luigi Franconi from Brissago had to say in 1846 in the first known cookbook of the area: "...hospitals should be transformed into restaurants and doctors and pharmacists recruited as cooks, in order to make them finally valid members of our society, since mankind maintains health chiefly by eating well and sensibly!"

There are a few fondue restaurants in Banff. You should really experience Ticino's. Make sure you try "one order" of the appetizer size . It's way too much for the 2 but perfect for 3-4 people. It 's absolutely delicious. Who would have though bread dipped in piping hot cheese would be so tasty. A mixture of imported Gruyère and Emmenthal make this Swiss cheese fondue a real delight, shared as an appetizer or as a main course

Some other fondue favorites at Ticino's.....the popular beef fondue (Fondue Bourguignonne) consists of cubes of Alberta beef cooked in hot oil, complemented by a variety of home made sauces and condiments.

Or maybe another fondue, a lighter version. Thinly sliced strip loin of Alberta beef and shrimp cooked in broth, complemented by a variety of home made sauces and condiments.

Walliser Stube Restaurant - Lake Louise
Walliser Stube -
Fondue Restaurant in Lake Louise!!!

Unwind and enjoy this serene setting. Select from a wide range of classic cheese and meat Swiss Fondues and more.

Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine from our floor to ceiling Wine Library. Make this part of your romantic weekend getaway.

I did have fondue at Walliser Stube one night - it was outstanding. Would recommend the cheese fondue with truffles.

The bison tastes just like beef tenderloin and definitely try the Toblerone fondue vs. milk/dark chocolate. I loved the banana bread that came with the choc fondue.

The Walliser Stube in located in the Chateau Lake Louise. Spend some time just taking in the view!!!

MAKE A RESERVATION! This restaurant opens at 6pm and was packed by 6:30. Great service. This is where you should splurge.


The Walliser Stube is open for dinner daily from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Please note hours of operations are subject to change.

Resort casual: shorts, t-shirts or athletic wear are not acceptable and collared shirts are recommended for men.

Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling the hotel directly at (403) 522-1818.

If you've never fondued before why not give it a try. It's a great experience. The fondue restaurants here in Banff are worth a visit.

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