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Family vacation Planning

Family Vacation Planning ....Maybe you want to take a vacation with your kids but haven't got a clue where to go or what would be fun.

Does this sound like you?

The best family vacations are different for everyone.

You want to do something different, go somewhere where the whole family can participate....Banff has it all....Never been there, lets do a little family vacation planning first.

Before deciding on your ultimate kids vacation, you must first look at your family members'likes and dislikes. Be honest, try really hard not to impose your desires on everyone else, or you'll have a vacation full of whining!

Here are three vacation styles to help you get great family vacation ideas started:

The Relaxing Vacation....

You see a vacation as an escape from the housework, homework or work in general. Your only concerns are relaxation, sleeping late, Frisbees, board games, in-room movies and a swimming pool/spa.

Consider a Scenic Mountain setting.... How about Beautiful Banff in the Canadian Rockies.

You can definitely have one of those relaxing vacations in those mountains....Banff is a great place to consider for your kids vacations.

Adventure Vacations....

Is your family into trying new things? Looking for adventures? Then your family vacation planning should include Banff. Put it at the top of your list of best kids vacations.

First ....decide does your family want an outdoor adventure such as: hiking,mountain biking, golf,skate boarding, canoeing or kayaking, or horseback riding and that's just summer travel ideas.

How about ...... the whole family learning to ski or snowboard. Banff offers some of the best famiy ski resorts in the world. There's all kinds of winter travel ideas as well from nordic skiing (cross country),dog sledding,tobogganing or even snowshoeing...

Whatever your adventure, make it one of the best kids vacations ever. Do something you've never done before you. Traveling and making memories is the best education for your kids....

Combination Vacations....

It's all about great family vacation planning....Your family's vacation style might be finding a perfect balance between lounging by the pool one day followed by non-stop action or sightseeing the next day. You can do it all here in Banff......

Never experienced Banff then you're in for a treat. Let the kids have a look at this website, show them some pictures! I think they might like it here. So much to see and do! I'm kind of biased having spent more than twenty years exploring the whole area.

So let's get Started with your Family Vacation Planning.You may be wondering if "Kids" and "Best Vacation" can really go in the same sentence. Yes it can with good planning.You will want to get all family members involved in the family vacation planning; this will eliminate the "Ok, I'll go but I won"t be happy about it" attitude. Have each family member make a list of places they would like to go or things they would like to do.

Make a Top Three "Things to Do with the Kids" List

You may need to reduce the list to the top 3 then do the democratic thing and vote

When you've got your family vacation planning down to a list of 3 possibilities, there are a few things you need to consider along the planning trail:

You'll need to decide how much you are willing to spend on this vacation.

Will you be driving or flying? Think about how long the kids can:truly sit in car for a 4-6 hours a day without world war III breaking out for example.

A good friend of mine had planned a family trip by plane for 8 days and the kids were ready to go home after 4 days!!! Not a good scene. Planning is key.

Worry Free Vacations

It maybe time to purchase that portable DVD player you've been talking about. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained on the sometimes tedious part of traveling while on vacation. It's all part of traveling with kids. Mom...check out some great tips!!!

If you decide to fly, keep in mind it may be shorter to get there by plane but you do have to arrive two hours ahead of time required for check-in and security reasons, the rental car/transportation to deal with once you get there etc. Lots to consider!

Remember the age of your kids is an important factor in choosing your best kids vacations destinations. Remember worry free vacations are part of good family vacation planning.

Younger kids have fun just going to a hotel with a pool and jumping on the hotel beds, everything else is just gravy to them.

If you have teenagers you will need some action or adventure in your vacation planning.

If you have both young kids and teenagers you may need to split up during the day and that is okay, you don't have to do everything together to have the best kids vacations.

Your Family Vacation Planning is done. Are you and your family ready to it's time to explore Beautiful Banff and those huge Canadian Rockies....your best banff vacation....enjoy it to the fullest!!!!

If you've arrived on this page without,reading my Vacation Packing List Page with great tips on getting organized for this years vacation, click here and read on....

Are you traveling with kids this year? Need some great tips for a worry free family vacation!

It's now time to look at some great family vacation ideas!!!

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