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Celebs in Banff

See Celebrities in Banff....

Imagine seeing some Hollywood A-listers walking down Banff Avenue.

Yes this world class destination attracts world class movie stars....

Hollywood Stars have been coming here thru the years...

The Chateau Lake Louise has been called ''Hollywood North.'' Early movies shot in Lake Louise include 1928 ''Eternal Love'' starring John Barrymore. 1942 ''Springtime in the Rockies'' with Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda and 1944 ''Son of Lassie.''

Literally hundreds of stars have come here for filming or vacationing. They include Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Christopher Reeve, Angie Dickinson and many of the latest celebs - whose privacy they like to protect.

2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Javelin thrower Leryn Franco poses for Sports Illustrated in Banff. (Credit: Stephan Wurth/Sports Illustrated)

Bathing Beauties in Banff

Talk about exposure - The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was shot in Banff. Check out the Canadian Rockies in the background when you have a minute!!!

They have beautiful sport celebrities gracing the pages of SI this year. Brazilian surfer Bruna Schmitz, American volleyball player Kim Glass and Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco are featured in this special swimsuit edition.

These gorgeous atheletes have been photographed among the spectacular backdrop of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, complete with snow-capped peaks and turquoise blue lakes and streams.

This incredible Canadian showcase will be seen by 60,0000 million people. You will see the images of Banff in print, on TV, and on the internet. Special apps will be built for smart phones!!!! So just a little more international attention for this incredibly beautiful part of the world.

"Alberta's Canadian Rocky Mountains are world renowned for breathtaking landscapes," said Bruce Okabe, CEO, Travel Alberta."This year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue makes our vistas even more beautiful and alluring to visitors."

"Banff National Park is clearly one of the most spectacular destinations in the world," says Julie Canning, president and CEO of Banff Lake Louise Tourism. "

"We are thrilled that one of the world's most widely read and highly anticipated publications selected our backyard to showcase some other natural beauties."

The swimsuit edition is always the most popular ....so check it out....Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit Edition

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Marilyn Munore in Banff

Photo of Marilyn Monroe - Photographer Len Steckler in December 1961.

Marilyn Monroe in Banff

Yes....even she's been here!!! She was cast in Otto Preminger Western - River of No Return. While shooting a scene in the river, Ms. Monroe injured her ankle. She recuperated at the Banff Springs Hotel.

John Vachon, a Look magazine photographer was sent to shoot the set. He took about 200 photos of the 27-year-old actress as she recovered at the hotel and toured the town. He gained unusual access to the star!!!

Just two of these photos made it into the magazine. The others were stowed away for over half a century. More than 100 of the images have been collected into Marilyn, August 1953, a book published last year.

The photos are believed to be the only time Mr. DiMaggio agreed to a posed photo shoot with her. Mr. Vachon, is also best known for his gritty portraits of poor Americans during the Depression.

Mr. Vachon’s daughter found one of the Look photos while collaborating on a collection of some of his work. Years later, she mentioned the photo shoot and they dug them out of the archives.

If you really want to get upclose and personal with a movie star in Banff.....January is a good time to plan a trip. For many years Celebs have been coming to Banff for the Fairmont Banff Springs Sports Invitational. It supports Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Waterkeeper Alliance. This is an annual Charity event.

It's co-hosted by leading North American environmentalists like Tim Robbins, Christie Brinkley and Alec Baldwin. You can catch a glimpse of them swooshing down some of best ski runs in the world, in and around Banff.

Glenn Close...she's gorgeous! She's been here! Michael Douglas....he's gorgeous!!! He's been here with Catherine Zeta-Jones. How about celebrity encounters with the likes of Meg Ryan, Kelsey Grammar, Justin Priestly and Martin Sheen. They've all enjoyed everything Banff has to offer. Plus supporting a event for environmental protection.

The hollywood stars spend a couple of days skiing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing and the best....giant slalom races. The public can watch these ski races if they've purchased a lift ticket. Get your camera ready....this is a great opportunity for some "Celebrity Encounters."

The Banff Springs Hotel hosts a gala that's open to the public....I did say, open to the public.....so you can mingle with Hollywood royalty. Michael McDonald, the former Doobie Brother and Steely Dan fame has entertained this celebrity crowd. In fact Lyle Lovett and His Large Band entertained this incredible group of Hollywood Stars most recently.....

Now for all you Bacherlorette Fans.....ABC'S bacherlorette, Alberta-born Jillian Harris, was shot here as she continued to search for love in the Canadian Rockies.

Jillian and her dates enjoy a unique rail trip on the Rocky Mountaineer to Lake Louise, filled with majestic mountain views and stunning scenic landscapes.

After a one-on-one date skiing at Lake Louise Ski Area, viewers watched as the couple continued their date over dinner at the spectacular Chateau Lake Louise. Jillian conducted the "traditional rose ceremony" at the iconic Banff Springs Hotel.

So you never know when you may have a Celebrity Encounter....

Celebs in Banff
My Own Celebrity "Kind of" Encounter....

Do you know who Jeff Goldblum is? Well if you don't .... he was in two of the Jurassic Park films, Independence Day and "The Fly" to name just a few.

I was wandering about a little antique shop (now closed) on Banff Avenue a couple of years ago. "Jeff" was browsing as well!!!!

He was with some very young, and I mean very young woman...I hope it was his daughter. But I don't think he has kids sooo.......who knows who she was. Very pretty....

I hung around the shop for about half an hour trying to decide whether to approach him and I'm kicking myself I didn't...

The one thing I remember the most...was how tall he was - 6'4". Tall, gangly, and oddly handsome. He's an unlikely sex symbol. But for those women, especially fond of eccentric intellectual types, he's the guy!!!

Other Celebs who have enjoy Banff include of John Cleese, Dame Edna, Bob Newhart, and Martin Short.

So, besides Roaming and Relaxing in Beautiful Banff, you can search for celebs as well...

Wouldn't that be a highlight of your best banff vacation???

Do You Have A Celeb Story?

Seen a celeb in Banff? Heard an interesting story about a star vacationing in Banff? Have any photos of a celebrity in Banff? Actually if you've had a celeb sighting anywhere!!!, I'd love to see your photos and read your brush with someone famous, and so would everyone else, I'm sure. I love the glitz and glam!!!

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