Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream
Relieve your stress in the quiet sanctuary of nature
While enjoying your luxury vacation in the Canadian Rockies.

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Banff Springs Hotel Spa

Travel & Leisure Magazine has rated the Banff Springs Hotel Spa called the Willow Stream one of the top 25 spas in the U.S. and Canada. This spa is part of the Fairmont Hotel chain....

World Class - World Wide - Willow Stream Spas are located from Dubai, to Maui, to Monte Carlo...this could be one of those exceptional luxury vacations!!!

I love this place....The Willow Stream Spa is...all about YOU!!!! How to relieve stress? This is definitely the answer.

At the Banff Springs Hotel Spa... YOU need to focus on YOU... for a couple of hours or all day if you like...escape your busy life and be energized.....

Spa treatments are a matter of choice. The Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream has something for everyone. You may prefer a good old fashioned massage. Something to combat the effects of a hard day's skiing.

Or get real specific... with a golf performance massage. Endorsed by David Leadbetter. Anything to improve your golf game....there's even a golf facial. What a great way to relieve stress after a bad game!!! After exposing your skin to the elements.....The Banff Springs Hotel Spa does it all.

Banff Springs Hotel Spa

My all time favorite at the Willow Stream Spa - is the Mountain Stone Treatment, they use water - heated stones to massage pressure points.... it's divine!!!!!

So relaxing... it soothes those knotted muscles. Take a deep breath and feel the warmth of these stones relieving your stress.

Typical of a luxury vacation at a Fairmont Hotel.

Banff Springs Hotel Spa
You may lounge comfortably in the ladies', men's or co-ed lounges at the Willow Stream Spa while waiting for your treatments. There is a selection of teas and light snacks (apples, biscuits) for you. Lunch may be ordered from room service. That's what luxury vacations are all about.

Banff Springs Hotel Spa

The focal point of the Banff Springs Hotel Spa is the pool area. A central warm pool is filled with mineral water. The mineral salts that make the water so buoyant are not the same as the natural Banff Hot Springs, which smell of sulphur. There is no sulphur smell at all. The water is like silk on your skin.

Around the main pool are three smaller ponds, all indoors. Each with its own waterfall. You are encouraged to progress through these ponds at your leisure. These pools at the Willow Stream Spa start very warm....They end with a rather cool third pool. Very relaxing and quite energizing as well!!!

In any weather, the outdoor hot pool at the Banff Springs Hotel Spa is a treat. The warm water makes it enjoyable to linger there admiring the beautiful mountain scenery regardless of the temperature. From the indoor hot pool to the outside one is only a few steps to take in those beautiful mountains. A luxury vacation at its best.

There is such an array of services offered here.... typical of the Fairmont Hotels....their service is unsurpassed. Willow Stream Spa can be a part of your luxury vacation.


Banff Springs Hotel Spa

BODY QUENCH – 60 minutes

Hydrating. Your skin will feel fabulous after this deeply hydrating experience. Pure avocado oil is the secret ingredient in this experience that includes a wrap, scalp massage with hair conditioning and a customized massage. A perfect treatment for sun exposed skin.


A Willow Stream Spa Tradition. Discover the restorative power of nature’s elements: earth (mud wrap), air (Aromatherapy), water (mineral bath), and fire (warm massage). This centuries old traditional spa experience combines a medicinal Moor mud wrap, therapeutic bath and massage. Part of a luxury vacation, very beneficial...a Great way to relieve stress!!!

THE REVITALIZER – 90 minutes

Invigorating. A full body experience that taps the power of our signature "Energy" product line. The essential oils of Ginger and Lemongrass are used in the exfolia- tion, wrap, hair conditioning treatment and body massage. Put moisture back into your skin and a spring back in your step. A must at the Willow Stream Spa.


Travel Recovery at the Willow Stream Spa. This treatment is the perfect way to restore all of the negative effects of flying and time zone changes. The essential oils in this Aromatherapy bath and massage are selected to regulate sleep, recover skin dryness and dehydration, relieve tension headaches and restore your energy. A "how to relieve stress that comes from travel."

RITUAL OF TWO (For Couples) – 120 minutes

A fun experience at the Willow Stream Spa. Welcome to spa time together. In our luxurious spa suite, your therapist will show you how to spend the first half hour together giving each other a spa treatment. You’ll choose from a variety of muds and masques as well as a variety of baths and then be left alone to have fun. The remainder of your time together, you’ll have side-by-side full body Aromatherapy massages. (Our luxury spa suite features a specialty tub, private shower, bathroom and sitting area.)A very romantic weekend getaway....

HIP HONEYMOONERS (For Couples) – 60 minutes

A Romantic experience at the Banff Springs Hotel Spa. Composed of Rose petals, Rose oil and Rosehip oil, this treat- ment evokes the feeling of love, sensuality and romance. A side-by-side dry brush exfoliation followed by a Rosehip oil massage application, full body wrap and face massage has amazing power. A great way to give or receive roses any time of year.

THE ROSE RENEWAL – 90 minutes

Indulgence. Enjoy a gentle dry brush exfoliation to stimulate your skin and improve circulation, followed by a bath infused with chamomile and rose petals. The experience culminates with a soothing massage and wrap with Rose Geranium and Rose Flower Oil. This experience is pure indulgence not only for you but your skin and your attitude.


Replenish. Revitalizes skin that can become dehydrated from time spent in the Rockies with pure algae blended with Aloe Vera and essential oils. The healing process begins with a dry brush exfoliation and continues as you are wrapped in blankets allowing the moisture to be absorbed. Drift peacefully while your face, scalp, neck and feet are massaged, replenishing your senses.

HIGH ALTITUDE – 90 minutes

Adjusting. The mountains are spectacular in their dramatic beauty, but traveling to the mountains also means adjusting to altitude change. This experience features a bath and massage, using oils blended especially to address the common ailments associated with high altitude such as rapid breathing, headaches and muscular pains. This experience assists the body to adjust to altitude quickly, so you can enjoy every moment of your mountain retreat


Banff Springs Hotel Spa


Therapeutic remineralizing salts contain active minerals and trace elements which absorb into the skin during bathing. This bath helps detoxify and balance the body and is especially beneficial for sore muscles and aching joints.

THALASSO BATH – 30 minutes

This Banff Springs Hotel Spa treatment is a purifying algae bath utilizing fresh dried Fucus seaweed and mineral-rich seawater crystals, rich in vital minerals and algae that stimulate circulation and accelerate the body’s natural rate of perspiration, assisting in overall detoxification. Great for stress!


Therapeutic remineralizing salts contain active minerals and trace elements which absorb into the skin during bathing. This bath helps detoxify and balance the body and is especially beneficial for sore muscles and aching joints. That's going to relieve stress for sure!!!

THALASSO BATH – 30 minutes

This is a purifying algae bath utilizing fresh dried Fucus seaweed and mineral-rich seawater crystals, rich in vital minerals and algae that stimulate circulation and accelerate the body’s natural rate of perspiration, assisting in overall detoxification. Great for stress!


STRESS RELIEF – 60 or 90 minutes

This ultimate customized massage experience was designed with the sole purpose of stress relief. It is a medium pressure massage that focuses on all of your main tension points – head, neck, shoulders, back and feet. The ultimate in how to relieve stress in your life.

RELAXATION – 60 or 90 minutes

Tailored to your specific needs or preference this popular full-body Swedish style massage offers a gentle to medium intensity and is designed to increase circula- tion, enhance lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation. Using long, smooth strokes to relax muscles and stimulate the lymphatic/circulatory systems.

SPORTS – 60 or 90 minutes

This deep massage targets sore muscles and enhances muscle recovery after exercise, sports activities or the tension and stresses of daily life. It combines deep work with stretching, rocking, and circulation enhancing strokes to move lactic acid out of the system. A mild soreness may result.

MOUNTAIN STONE – 60 or 90 minutes

Earth, air, fire and water are united to create this unique Mountain Stone Treatment. The Willow Stream Balance Oil is combined with stones warmed in water to create a deep heat massage and a unique aroma to release tension and melt away stress.


This experience will help you find your energy and balance throughout the day. Your massage will be personalized with your choice of Aromatherapy blends, Energizing for inspiration, Revitalizing for renewal or Soothing for relaxation.

SHIATSU – 60 or 90 minutes

An ancient Japanese pressure point technique coupled with gentle manipula- tions that work along the meridians (energy pathways) of the body, enhancing the energy flow by bringing one’s yin and yang into harmony.

REFLEXOLOGY – 60 or 90 minutes

One of the world’s oldest healing methods, utilizing a unique massage tech- nique applied to the feet. In the 90 minute treatment, we include a face, neck and shoulder massage.



A deep cleansing and revitalizing facial experience at the Willow Stream Spa is designed specifically for the special needs of men’s skin, including razor burn. Additional care is taken to analyze the skin. To complete the experience, a face, neck and shoulder massage is performed fulfilling the traditional barber experience without the shave.



A Willow Stream Spa exclusive massage therapy endorsed by world-class professional golf instructor David Leadbetter and professional golfer Charles Howell III. The combination of massage, stretching and acupressure will aid in improving golf performance and avoiding injury. The treatment assists in improved balance and swing rotation for distance and accuracy. What a great idea to enhance your golf game and luxury vacation.


Because of their exposure to the elements (sun, wind, and extreme temperature changes), golfers face unique challenges to their skin. This hydrating facial was designed to moisturize, repair, and protect your skin from the sun. Followed by a soothing shoulder, hand and foot massage – to relax and revitalize the tired muscles of the golf enthusiast. The experience also features the exclusive Willow Stream Spa Sports Masque, that softens and brightens the skin and helps repair skin damaged by the elements. Includes a Willow Stream Spa Golf Gift.


This Willow Stream Spa treatment tones and hydrates sun-exposed skin, while relaxing body and mind, this experience begins with a nutritional avocado wrap and scalp and hair treatment followed by a customized massage with pure avocado oil to address the needs of every golfer.


During the winter season, this Banff exclusive experience is used to help you improve your ski performance and avoid injury. The combination of massage and stretching will decrease muscle soreness and increase flexibil- ity in the muscles used while skiing. This technique aids in rapid recovery so you can get back on the slopes. Whether a novice or expert, this is a “must” treatment for anyone who is planning, or has spent a day on the ski slopes of the Rocky Mountains at this upscale Fairmont Hotel.

Spa Experience

Willow Stream spa experiences last at least an hour because, as with everything worthwhile, there are no short cuts to an outstanding spa experience. We’re passionate about taking all the time you need to find your energy.


Banff Springs Hotel Spa

Spa Environment - Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream

Willow Stream Spa is an adult sanctuary. Guests must be 18 years of age or older. Cell phones, Blackberry or other electronic devices are not permitted in order to keep the spa area quiet and to protect your privacy.

Reservations at the Banff Springs Hotel Spa

Please call 403-762-1772 or 800-404-1772. At the hotel, call 1772. Advance reservations are recommended to accommodate your preferences. Our knowledgeable Spa Experience Coordinators at Willow Stream Spa are delighted to guide you to the experiences that suit your needs.

Cancellation Policy - Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream

If you must reschedule or cancel an a la carte appointment, please notify the Spa 4 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the service. Cancellation of a package requires 24 hours notice.

Hours of Operation - Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream

Spa Facility: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fitness Center and Aquatic Pools: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Appointments available: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Making Spa Appointments

The first step is to consult with our Spa Experience Coordinators at the Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream to select treatments to fulfill your personal requirements. To ensure availability, we ask you book your appointments prior to your arrival at the hotel or resort. Of course, questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Spa Arrival & Etiquette

We recommend that you arrive 45 minutes at the Willow Stream Spa before your first scheduled appointment. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the facilities and surroundings allowing you time to relax before and after your treatment. Please note, all treatments end on time regardless of the start time. Please leave your jewelry and valuables in your room safe or the hotel safe. Due to the high content of minerals in our water, we recommend the removal of all jewelry before entering the pools to prevent discoloration.

Health Matters

Please inform us of any health conditions at the time of book- ing your appointment at the Banff Springs Hotel Spa. These include: high blood pressure, heart condition, allergies or pregnancy. Also, consumption of alcohol before, during or directly after spa treatments is not recommended. You will also be asked to complete a medical history form upon arrival at the Willow Stream Spa so your spa professional can better customize your experience to your needs.

Spa Attire

You will receive a Willow Stream Spa robe and slippers to wear between treatments (or T-shirt and shorts for some packages), and a locker for your personal belongings. For your comfort, undergarments may be worn during treatments, but rest assured our therapists are highly trained in correct draping procedures for your complete privacy. Swimsuits are required in some areas of the spa.

Making the Most of the Experience

To further enhance your Banff Springs Hotel spa experience, we recommend beginning with traditional spa hot and cold facilities. To increase the movement of toxins from your body, you can choose sauna, steam room or whirl- pool. This helps to open up breathing, cleanse and detoxify and warm the muscles. Following this with a cooling activity - a cold shower or a cold drink - is an invigorating way to bring your body temperature back to normal before your treatment.

Spa Experience Coordinators

Our Spa Experience Coordinators at Banff Springs Hotel Spa - Willow Stream are available to customize your own personal experience. From planning your treatments to answering any of your questions or concerns. Willow Stream Spa is there to help with all your needs.

Service Charges

An 15% service charge and 5% GST will be added to all spa services and packages. Rates are subject to change.

Willow Stream Spas are World Class.....World Wide....from Dubai, to Maui, to Monte of those exceptional luxury vacations.

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