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About Me - My name is Shian Parkinson.

I've been visiting the Canadian Rockies for over twenty years. I live in Calgary just a short hour and half drive to Banff. I must admit...just the drive from Calgary to Banff starts to relieve that evil thing called "stress". I visit the mountains continually. It's my sanctuary!

I worked in the Oil & Gas Corporate World for many many years. And if you know anything about that industry...it's 150% game on and 24/7!!!! Over time this pace took it's toll on my health.

Back in my corporate life....from my 24th floor office, I had the best view of the Canadian Rockies. It was amazing how those huge rock formations changed every time I took a peek!!!! There was always a beautiful sunrise, unique cloud formations and interesting weather patterns. The Rockies definitely are Mother Nature's Work of Art.

More about me - health issues caused me to semi retire early. My passion for the mountains got me thinking about sharing my love for Banff through my website. I wanted to share my experiences with the world especially someone who's never seen this part of the globe. There is so much to see and do in and around Banff. I wanted to give you some helpful hints to make Banff your best vacation ever!!

I'm just realizing how much I enjoy writing about something I love - Banff. I appreciate and enjoy the outdoors, the beautiful views and the changing seasons. It's a beautiful place any time of year.

Because Banff really is my second home, I offer useful information about attractions, great restaurants and some great places to sleep!!! This is a good resource when planning your first trip to Banff. I offer suggestions on places to see that you wouldn't want to miss. This is why best banff vacations.com was created. I will be updating this site continually and share more content as time goes on.

I'm a hopeless romantic! What better place than Banff to share with someone special. It's such a romantic destination. I was married in Banff "once" and have spent many lovely weekends away in the mountains, enjoying the many things this destination has to offer. It's really world class!! Banff is on the list of World Heritage Sites... it's a destination not to be missed.

I enjoy sharing my love of Banff and in doing so, making this website possible. I couldn't have even thought about doing this on my own. SBI or Solo Build It has been instrumental in making this site possible. I'm not a website designer and have no experience in that process.

Just a little bit more about me....take a look at SBI.....it's a great journey that I have enjoyed immensely. There's a real sense of accomplishment as you watch your site develop.

I love the creative element and how you continue to build on the process...from determining your passion, to narrowing down a great niche idea, to the world wide web research required to build a profitable site...SBI offers all of that, plus great support along the way.

Check out the link "Powered By SBI" at the bottom of this page if you want to find out more. I'm not trying to sell anything here other than to let you know that I could not have created this site without their help!!

If you've had a chance to visit the Canadian Rockies why not share your thoughts or experiences! I'd love to hear your comments, your stories and your photos so "Newbies" to Banff can plan "the vacation of a lifetime". No real pun intended.....It's really not all "about me" but the love I have for a beautiful mountain destination!

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